Personal Training

No two people are alike and neither are our personal trainers.

When you sign up with a CAC personal trainer, you’re not only getting an inclusive roadmap to achieve your specific fitness goals, you’re getting a one-on-one advocate who’s passionate about health and fitness.

Engaging in a holistic approach, your personal trainer starts by assessing where you are and where you want to be—whether you want to increase your lean muscle mass, improve core strength, increase flexibility, train for a 10K, or simply improve your free weight and cardio know-how. Personal training is guaranteed to get you results quickly, efficiently and safely while keeping you committed and motivated.

Our team of personal trainers maintain the highest standards of expertise and excellence. And each trainer has specialties for every need, from prenatal and postnatal to those with limited functionality and senior clients.

Personal Training Guidelines and Waivers

Get started on the new you!

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